8 months old today… time, please slow down! It is so crazy to me that we started and ended her eighth month with social-distancing guidelines in place. This month Addilyn has ridden in her car seat one time — on a family trip to get a treat from a drive through. The only people other than Erick and I that she has seen in person are the occasional friends we pass on our neighborhood walks. This is such a strange time, for sure, but I will say this… we love all of this extra time we are getting to spend as a family of three!


      • It feels like Addilyn has grown up SO much this month. She is now confidently saying mama + dada, and is probably going to start crawling any day now!

      • For a while, it felt like she was going to skip over crawling altogether because it seems that she only wants to hang out standing up. She is ALWAYS trying to grab on to something to pull herself up to stand!

      • She is FULL of energy and happiness. She seems to have one volume… loud! This month she learned that she can yell, and she LOVES her voice. 😂

      • She is a silly little one… scroll to see some of the photos from our eight-month shoot. Personality is definitely not lacking in this one!

      • Addilyn has gotten to try tons and tons of new foods this month. And she is still LOVING food. Her list has grown to 67 different kinds… well on her way to the goal of 100 before she turns 1! Her personal favorites so far have been BBQ Pulled Chicken, her daddy‘s omelettes, and all kinds of fruit. In Erick’s words, “she eats like an adult!”

      We love this baby so dang much. Watching her grow + experience the world is such a gift!

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