Our Addilyn has been the most precious source of light in our lives this month! She is already revealing to us that she has the sweetest, most peaceful demeanor. Her name means, “noble” – good, honorable, upstanding, generous, brave, and righteous. We pray that she will grow to carry her name well – that she will grow to become the strong, generous, honorable & brave woman that God is calling her to be. Here’s to many, many, many more months together, my sweet girl! Your mommy & daddy are so crazy about you!


      One month ago today this little angel baby came into our lives and changed our whole world. In these last four weeks, I have tasted and seen a whole new depth of the Lord’s goodness in our life. We’ve experienced a  supernatural joy and peace that we know can only come from Him! We are so beyond thankful for the gift that Addilyn is – getting to know her and love her is truly the greatest a privilege.

      While I truly believe this has been one of the best months of our lives, it has definitely not been the easiest! Kicking things off with a surprise c-section, and finishing the month with a surprise ER visit and gallbladder removal… it was absolute craziness! I have been so overwhelmed with the Lord’s kindness to us in this season. Erick having an amazing job that has allowed him to be home with us for the last month, and for two more weeks! A family who has been able to travel to Anderson at the drop of a hat to help us with the baby. So many friends who have been ready and willing to cook meals, watch our pup, and check in on us. It has all been such an enormous blessing. To be honest, moving to a new place over halfway through my pregnancy – right when we were about to have a baby – was really scary for me. BUT, the Lord has been so incredibly good to us and people have loved us SO well.

      Becoming parents has been the most exciting transition we’ve ever experienced. All of our lives, separately & together, we have felt so strongly that the Lord has called us to care for His children in this world… and we prayed desperately that we would get the chance to do that through growing our family! We are both loving this new (immensely important) role we have caring for a precious little girl – our sweet daughter! We still can not grasp the fact that God entrusted us to be the ones to care for, teach, & guide her throughout her little life. It’s only been a month, and we have so much growing and learning to do – but we know that this role is such an enormous privilege and we’re just bursting with joy that we are getting to experience parenthood together!



      • Addilyn deciding to surprise us EARLY… showing up at the hospital and hearing the words, “you’re having your baby today!” was the craziest moment of our lives.
      • Her first FULL day of life was on Labor Day… what a gift! Her grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all able to make the trip to meet her in her first 24 hours. Watching Erick’s family meet their first granddaughter & niece, and watching my family meet the first-ever grandbaby & niece was so special! Everyone got to hold her and snuggle her… she is going to be one loved (& very spoiled) little girl!
      • Erick became a PRO at swaddling and diaper changing in Addie’s first few days of life. When I was pretty much stuck in bed, he stepped up big time when it came to caring for our little girl! He put up with my crazy, “Babe!! Will you check on the baby?!,” every time she would make a noise. (And that happened almost every 20 minutes in the first night of her life….) He was so gentle with me and with her – it is so fun watching him step into the role I KNOW he was created for.
      • So. Much. HAIR! We are crossing our fingers it doesn’t fall out!!! It is just so cute.
      • The crazy, difficult, beautiful, and sometimes stressful journey of breastfeeding. We are so blessed to have an amazing pediatrician office that partners with a breastfeeding clinic that was a HUGE resource to us! And, AnMed’s amazing lactation consultants who were willing to answer all of my late-night calls & emails to offer support! Being able to nurse my baby girl is a dream and a gift that I do not take lightly. Getting that sweet time with her every 2-3 hours is so special.
      • Having so many sweet visitors in her first few days at home! Everyone loved getting to take turns snuggling and loving our sweet girl… and mom & dad seriously appreciated some adult interaction. 🙂
      • Preemie clothes! When we first brought her home, she was under 6 pounds… she was swimming in the newborn clothes we had for her! We had to order a handful of preemie clothes (thank you Target Pick Up!) to get her through her first two weeks at home. They were the cutest & tiniest little onesies and pants. I won’t lie… I cried packing them up when she finally could fit newborn clothes!
      • Because she was so little when she was born, we went through SO many newborn diapers. We were advised to not open any of our boxes of newborn diapers, in case she was born too big for them we could exchange them. Well, to our surprise, we made a tiny baby! And she went through 339 newborn diapers this month… we *think* she may be ready to graduate to size one in the next week or so!
      • Her sweet, expressive face. We could stare at her for hours watching all of her facial expressions!
      • Taking her to “church!” We figured out how to hook my laptop up to our TV so we could live stream Newspring in our living room. Every Sunday we’ve gotten to worship & hear an amazing message… all while sipping on coffee in our pajamas and snuggling our sweet baby!
      • Getting to spend our entire first month as a family of three TOGETHER! Erick had the privilege of spending the whole month on paternity leave and it was the biggest blessing. We joke that this is the most time we’ve spent together in our entire life – and that may be true! We don’t know life as a married couple without Erick driving either an hour or an hour and forty minutes each way to work. Typically, we get to spend just a few, very short hours of the day together (in the evening from around 7-11pm when we’re both exhausted!)… so getting this time together has felt like a dream. Not only has he been a huge help with the baby as I’ve recovered from surgeries… it has been so sweet watching him bond with and love on our daughter!
      • Addilyn has the sweetest, most peaceful demeanor. She has been such a happy baby all month long! I was almost worried that she didn’t know how to let us know if she needed something because she NEVER cries. (Don’t worry… one time I waited a minute too long to feed her and she let me know it. I’m no longer worried she doesn’t know how to cry!) She is just so calm and content throughout the whole day!
      • Her AMAZING sleep skills. Seriously, this girl knows how to sleep – anywhere, anytime. The biggest blessing is that she is learning to put herself to sleep! We can wrap her up & lay her down when she is getting sleepy, and she’ll fall asleep all on her own. We hope this is a habit that sticks! She naps well & I swear she would sleep through the night if her pediatrician didn’t want us to keep waking her every 3 hours to feed. What a gift! (We credit allll sleep success to TakingCaraBabies – she is magic!)
      • Bath time! Her first two baths she HATED. We’re talking major meltdowns. But, we moved her bathtub out of the kitchen sink, warmed up the water a little bit more, and added bubbles…. she is loving the bath now! We love getting to see her all snug & cozy wrapped up in a when she first gets out – seriously the cutest baby we’ve ever seen.
      • Her first three outings were to Starbucks, Target and Corner bagel…. we were definitely not surprised by those choices!
      • A very sweet friend encouraged us to sneak away for even just a few hours to get a “date night” in during her first month. Reminding us how much of a priority our connection is in our marriage! We dropped her off at a friend’s house between feedings and got away for a quick fro-yo date. And of course, we ended the night strolling through Target, just the two of us! (We were given a gift card to “treat ourselves….” and to no surprise, we spent the money on baby clothes. LOL!)


      • Napping on her belly on her daddy’s chest – it is just SO cute!!!
      • She also loves pooping and peeing mid-diaper change… specifically when her daddy is changing her. We have gone through wayyyy more diapers than we should because she is so crazy during diaper changes… We’ll learn how to handle it better soon!
      • Addilyn, oddly enough, loves tummy time! Whether on the floor or on our chests, she loves lifting her head and looking around at everything. She has a super strong neck for such a tiny baby – it’s been so fun to watch her become more interested in her surroundings throughout the month! She will even turn and look for us when she hears our voices!
      • Staring at the light fixtures… she especially loves ceiling fans and the light in our dining room! We can put her in her Boppy Lounger on the dining room table and the light can entertain her for a solid 20 minutes!
      • Being SWADDLED! This sweet girl looooves her comfort. If it’s time for her nap time, we wrap her up tight in her swaddle blanket (our favorites are from Lou Lou & Company!), lay her down with a portable sound machine (another MUST have), and she drifts off into the sweetest sleep. Also… she is an AMAZING sleeper already!
      • When she is not swaddled, she loves to sleep with her hands right up by her face – just like her momma… except it is wayyy cuter when she does it!
      • Our least favorite of her favorites… she loves to suck on her fingers. We are thankful she is a good self-soother, but we hope she will decide to take a pacifier instead very soon! (We won’t lie though… it is so cute when she sucks on her little thumb!)
      • Her puppy dog, Finley!!! JK…. we’re still working on this one. 😉

      It’s no secret that I can’t refrain from taking a million pictures of our sweet girl… so now that I’ve made you read through all of the sweet things we want to remember from this first month, enjoy these pictures from the last four weeks!

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      Addie’s Grandma made her this ADORABLE bib set! We can’t wait to take a photo of her sitting in this chair with the bib on each month and watch how much she grows!

      This precious girl is SO much bigger at one month than she was at birth…. we have love watching her grow & change throughout this last month and we can’t wait to watch her grow up through the years!!!

      September 1st was the craziest day EVER!! If you didn’t get a chance to read our birth story… here it is!

      While I was stuck in bed post c-section, Erick did a wonderful job capturing some of her first photos!!!! What a sweet tiny baby.

      Sleepy eyes, full hearts!!!

      First pediatrician appointment! She sure did have a massive blowout all over their table…

      Addilyn Grace’s due date – we are so glad we got to snuggle her for 5 extra days!

      Grandma and Grandpa made a day trip to come visit!

      Finley ADORES his baby sister. Addie is still unsure about him!

      Our “church” has looked a little bit different this month!

      First family walk… we only made it about a half a mile – LOL!

      The first set of MANY, many photos I have taken of Addilyn on my nice camera!

      This is the most accurate depiction of what our last month has looked like… lots of sleepy snuggles!

      We had newborn photos done by the amazing Charlotte Conklin Photography – I will be sharing some of those very soon!

      We’ve been practicing babywearing a lot recently… Addie is loving it!

      First bath! She did NOT love it… we’re working on it though!

      She was snug as a bug after the bath though!!

      First family outing that didn’t involve a doctor’s appointment! Even if it was only a short walk away, it still felt like a major accomplishment!

      We could stare at that sleepy grin for DAYS!!!!

      Addilyn hates getting her diaper changed… she mostly hates anything where we have to take her clothes off! But, we just love her sweet little leg wrinkles so much I had to document it!!!

      At 2 1/2 weeks we decided to practice for her monthly photos… so cute!

      Family outing to Corner Bagel…. Addie slept straight through it!

      My momma heart got SO sad about two weeks after Addilyn was born because I realized I hardly had any pictures with her! We didn’t take any photos as a family of three in the hospital and I was heartbroken about it… so we have done our best to make up for it!

      These were the beginning of her daily pictures…. (It seems like Finley likes Addilyn more than she likes him!)

      The CUTEST sleepy baby!

      She LOVES this mobile that her grandpa got for her as a gift!!! The lights, mirrors, and colors keep her attention more than anything else in our house!

      Soaking up every bit of this sweet newborn stage – we love being a family of three!!!

      There is nothing I love more than a baby in a diaper!

      First game day!!! She is the cutest little Panthers fan!

      Like I said earlier… she is a GREAT sleeper!

      Never ending doctor’s appointments….

      Tummy time pro!!!

      Addilyn’s first babysitters!!! We LOVE the Gardner family… and by the looks of it, they love Addilyn a whole lot!

      “Date Night!!!”

      Ita and Papa came to watch Addilyn while I had to get surgery… I’d say she was in really good hands!!!

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