I blinked and all of a sudden another month has passed! Today we have so much to celebrate… and the first is that our sweet girl is NINE months old. 😍 What a special month it has been β€” getting to spend so much extra time watching Addilyn learn and grow. She is smart and determined. Playful and adventurous. Gentle and sweet. Getting to be her momma is the greatest gift of my life and it gets better every single day.


      • At the beginning of this month she started crawling… once she figured it out, she became quite the adventurous little gal! She wants to see, touch + explore everything she can.

      • Every day she checks out all the rooms in our house and makes sure to peek inside every shelf + basket. She is growing confident + strong and tries to stand up every opportunity she gets!

      • This month has been SO much fun trying lots of new things. She has gotten to spend extra time outside playing in her pool. (And she wore her first bikini β€” 😍)

      • She discovered that the dog lets her steal his toys right out of his mouth + she thinks it’s hilarious.

      • She has been showing off some of the cutest new facial expressions that I know I’ll treasure in my heart forever.

      • She has learned how to wave + clap… she especially loves when we clap for her. πŸ˜‰

      • She loves to snuggle her momma β€” especially when she is being bashful to meet new people. (Don’t worry, she warms up + starts entertaining real quick. πŸ˜‚)

      • She is still LOVING food. We are up to 90 different ones!!! We will definitely hit our goal of 100 this month.

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