I can hardly even believe that we’ve had this baby girl in our world for two whole months. When people say, “babies don’t keep,” they aren’t lying. Our sweet girl has grown SO much since she turned one month old. At one month, she felt like a little, tiny newborn… and now, she is feeling so much more like a baby! She is growing so stinking fast – she gained three and a half pounds in one month. 3 1/2 POUNDS! I don’t actually know how much weight babies should be gaining each month… but that feels like a lot! We are loving watching her gain some little rolls on her arms + legs and of course, watching her cheeks get squishier by the day. 🙂

      Month two has been so much fun. It felt like Addilyn spent most of her first-month sleeping, but this month, she is starting to be awake and interact with us more and more! She is smiling and wiggling all the time. She has also gotten a taste of our crazy, busy life. She’s spent a lot of time traveling with us and a lot of time hanging out at home with grandparents while we’re off shooting weddings! October was our busiest month this Fall, so we’re excited for it to slow down a little bit and spend some weekends in November relaxing as a family. And of course, to introduce our girl to our favorite holiday — Thanksgiving!



      • She got to visit church for the first time on the day she turned 5 weeks old. We were convinced she would sleep through the entire service, but she was too fascinated by all the lights and people. (Don’t worry – she took an amazing nap once we left!)
      • We finally are getting her in 0-3 month clothes! She rocked her newborn clothes until about 6 weeks old… and she’s grown so fast it feels like she might jump to 3-6 month clothes sometime this month!
      • She’s gotten to go on her first road trips. We started small with a 2 hour trip to Lincolnton for a bridal session and a visit with friends! Then later in the month, we took a 4 1/2 hour trip to visit Erick’s family. We have to stop for her to eat, but luckily, she is perfectly content to hang out and sleep in her car seat while we’re driving.
      • She still hardly ever cries! In the morning, when she’s ready to get up, she grunts until we wake up with her. If we leave her for long enough, she will DEFINITELY cry — we’re thankful she is so relaxed and gives us plenty of warning that she needs something before she is actually upset.
      • She started spitting up more. But she doesn’t have reflux… she is just a happy spitter. She’ll be smiling at you and all of a sudden, you’ll have spit up down your shirt. (Not our favorite quality…)
      • She is perfectly content to sit in her bouncer or the Boppy Lounger and stare at a toy (or even just the ceiling fan!) – she is a very, very chill baby! So happy and easy-going. Erick and I joke that we’re going to get overeager and have a second baby because this one is so easy… and then the next one will be wayyyyy difficult!
      • She learned to roll from her belly to her back! Some days she looooves her tummy time, but other days – she will not stay put on her belly for more than a few seconds. We think she is going to be on the move before we know it!
      • We’re getting very close to sleeping through the night. Her norm is about 6-7-hour stretches (from her 10pm dream feed to around 4-5am) – but some nights, we have had to wake her up at 7am when we get up for her morning feed! We’re hoping in month three sleeping until 7am becomes the norm. 😉
      • She is still loooving bath time. Her least favorite part is when we have to take her out and dry her off!
      • She has had TONS of visitors during her second month. All of her grandparents have made the trip to Anderson either just to hang out or to help watch her while we were away! She looooves all the time snuggling with her Ita, Papa, Grandma + Grandpa!
      • Addie finally got to meet her future husband (jk, jk ;-)). But we seriously did love getting to spend time with our friends Andrew + Taylor and meet their sweet boy, Lincoln. He was born less than two-weeks after Addilyn!
      • Erick and I both jumped back into work. We enjoyed Erick’s 6-week paternity leave, but I guess he had to go back eventually! And I shot my first wedding when she was 7-weeks old. It was sad to leave her, and tough to coordinate pumping on a wedding day while away for so long, but I loved getting to get back to working with some of the sweetest couples ever!
      • Erick started a new job in Anderson – this means no more hour and 45-minute commute! He has gotten to join in on morning snuggles with Addilyn and gets so much for time with us in the evening. He even comes home most days to have lunch with us. So thankful he doesn’t have to miss out on time with her because of a long drive to work!

      This month our life has started settling into what is the “new” normal. Getting comfortable packing Addilyn up to bring her along with us to dinners and time at friend’s houses, learning how to balance her schedule while we’re both trying to work (work-from-home-mom life is no joke!), and trying to get into a routine that brings us life and joy! We are far from pro’s at this new parenting thing… and it has sometimes been challenging to juggle all of the new things… but we would not trade it for the world!

      Just like month one, we have TONS of photos of our little girl. She is growing and changing so dang fast I can’t help myself! There are so many special moments and firsts with our baby girl and we never, ever want to forget them.


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