I can hardly believe that Addilyn Grace is 10 months old. She is growing up right before our eyes. Getting all of this extra time at home with her is a sweet + precious gift! Not much happened in June, other than lots + lots of quality time.


      • This month Addie has discovered her love for couch surfing. She’ll go from the couch to the coffee table + back to the couch! She loves surfing + trying to get to her favorite toy — the remote control!

      • Getting into the puppy food is a favorite pastime. She is a sneaky one! Once she realizes we’re not looking, she’ll make a dash for the dog bowls. We’ve had to pull a piece or two of kibble out of her mouth this month – LOL.

      • She loves pulling alllll of her stuffies out of the basket + taking the books off the bookshelf one by one. She is a busy, busy, busy baby this month.

      • She is confidently (+ quickly!) crawling all over the house + pulling up to stand on everything she possibly can. Her favorite spot is against the back window where she can watch Finley play in the backyard!⁣

      • Addilyn loves her puppy dog + will chase him all around the house. When he’s laying across the room, she’ll yell at him + wave until he pays attention to her! He is very sweet to her, but doesn’t like it when she pulls on his tail.

      • She cut two top teeth this month and all of a sudden she looks less like a baby and more like a toddler. 😭 ⁣

      • We made it to 100+ foods on her food list! Her favorites are banana, strawberries, sausage + potatoes!

      She is getting so close to being a one-year-old and I don’t even know where the time has gone. She is a gift to our family + each day is better than the last! Being her momma and watching her grow is my favorite thing. 😍

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