Some of you may think “Kieran, two wedding blog posts in one week?!” Yes! But this is a special wedding because I was the second shooter! I second shot with Sarah Parker, and I’m not trying to brag, but I think we’re a pretty awesome team! You can visit her website here!!

      I was so excited to meet Sarah for this Gingerbread Meeting house wedding. We had a blast and honestly, I don’t think that Erika and Joey could have asked for a better day. Sure, it was a little hot (September in NC, what do you expect?!), but there was a breeze and beautiful glowy light that we caught just in time!!

      I loved so much about their day, but there were a few things that stuck out to me! Their ceremony was absolutely the sweetest one I have every witnessed. Erika’s mom stood up and shared her side of Erika & Joey’s story – there was not a dry eye in the crowd! She told everyone at the wedding about the couple’s first date when they were just 15 & 16 years old… high school sweethearts!! It was such a treasure to hear from her momma’s heart how much she loved and supported their relationship.

      It was such an honor to shoot alongside of Sarah, and even though I didn’t shoot my normal parts of the day, it was so much fun! I’m not blogging the full wedding because I didn’t shoot the full day, but I did want to share a few of my favorites!! Enjoy these snippets of their day!

      Like I said earlier, being a second shooter, I got to experience some different parts of the day than usual! I LOVED getting to take these classic portraits of Joey. And his guys were so funny & fun! Best group of groomsmen I’ve ever worked with.

      Like I said earlier, the ceremony was my favorite part of this wedding! Look at Joey’s reaction to his bride coming down the aisle!