Can we just talk about how hard it was to make this session HAPPEN?! It felt like we rescheduled over, and over, and over again for rain! BUT, after much scheduling difficulty (the weather was NOT our friend!) we finally got together for pictures… and oh my word! We could not have asked for a more picture perfect day!

      The Gardner is one of my absolute favorites. I had a chance to photograph their family back in January when sweet little Lucas was still in his momma’s belly! They were precious then, and they’re even more precious now! Ema is the spunkiest, most caring big sister – she loves her little brother so much. And Erica and Justin are just about the best parent’s I’ve ever met! It is so evident that Ema and Lucas are crazy about them. So special!

      One last thing before we get to their beautiful pictures… I need you all to know that getting family photos done is so incredibly worth it. And it doesn’t have to be difficult either! We took these photos right in the Gardner family’s backyard! We paused for Ema to get some energy out and for Lucas to eat – it was laid back and comfortable… and the result was SO good! I know the Gardner family will cherish these images for years to come. Go ahead and book your family session today! 

      Now, I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed taking them! This family is a real treat!

      Ema was so sweet and concerned for her little brother! She did everything she could to try to cheer him up… the most precious thing!

      If this isn’t personality, I don’t know what is… LOL!